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Fervix 09-02-2010 01:22 AM

Direct Sound Error msg
Whenever I try to connect to vent, I always get the error msg Unable to activate DirectSound for selected device.
DirectSoundCaptureCreate failed. HR=DSERR_NODRIVER. No sound driver is available for use. This is causing my vent to cut in and out or just not work at all. I went to set up and direct sound is activate and Ive asked other people and they have to clue on what to do. Anyone have suggestions on how I can fix this problem?

TXMarine 09-03-2010 11:43 AM

It's quite likely your microphone. I just installed Win 7 and was having the same problem. I had to move my mic from my rear mic jack to my front mic jack and it caused the error message to go away. I'm not up and running with Vent and now my mic seems to be on 24/7 but that error message is gone.

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