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Fredd07 04-07-2020 08:09 PM

Error: Connection time limit (GUEST or INI) has been exceeded.
Hello to all!

I have this problem with Ventrilo version 3.0.5.

I can establish communication with my friends and after 5 minutes Ventrilo expels me and this error appears "Connection time limit (GUEST or INI) has been exceeded".

Does anyone know how I should fix it? It should be noted that my friends who belong to the server do not have this problem.

Greetings and thanks in advance!

Prog-Rocker 04-08-2020 10:59 AM

the server owner/admin has configured the server to either 'autokick' Guest users after 5 minutes or disconnect any user after a certain timeout of inactivity. please check with a server admin to either change the settings or add you to the authorized list of users

Fredd07 04-08-2020 03:27 PM

Hello! Thank you very much for your answer. Today, I will speak to the owners of the server to comment on this! I hope it is the solution. Thank you very much again! Greetings.

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