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Rinzler 07-09-2016 10:31 PM

Friends and I can not connect to my server.
Been using vent for a long time now to play games with close friends and family. Then one day we get online and nobody I play with can connect to my server that I am renting. Cant even connect to other severs that my friends use as well. Would like to know how to fix this problem. I also did a server request and it said my server not responding, so perhaps it on Ventrillo's end. Any help would be great as its really annoying to not be able to chat with friends in game. Also like to note that I have reset router and modem multiple times as well and my PC. Also uninstalled Vent twice, and nothing. Every time I hit connect it just says connecting to server and never connects. So yeah that's about where I am now.

Prog-Rocker 07-10-2016 07:32 AM

first test to see if the server(s) is actually online:


enter the server address and port#
if the server does not respond then you need to contact your server hosting provider and have them investigate

if the server responds then try the telnet test. telnet should always be able to connect:

start > run
cmd {hit enter}
telnet serverhostname port#

(where serverhostname={the server ipaddress or hostname of the server you’re trying to connect to (found in vent client server setup)} and port#={port associated with that server}
(example: “telnet 3784” or “telnet [url][/url] 3784” without the quotes)

If Telnet is able to connect then the screen will go blank. If not, then you will see an error message about not being able to connect.

Enabling Telnet in Vista/Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Control-Panel / Programs and Features / Turn Windows features on or off / select “Telnet Client” / click OK

If telnet can't connect then vent won't either as telnet is a function of the tcp/ip stack which is a part of the operating system. If it can't make a tcp connection then something is preventing the connection on that specific port#.

MichaelDays 08-05-2016 03:16 AM

Having a VPN client’s connection rejected is perhaps the most common VPN problem. Part of the reason this problem is so common is that there are a lot of issues that can cause a connection to be rejected. First of all check to make sure the Routing And Remote Access service is running. You can check this by opening the server’s Control Panel and clicking on the Administrative Tools icon, followed by the Services icon.
Once you've verified that the necessary services are running, try pinging the VPN server by IP address from the VPN client. You should ping by IP address initially so that you can verify that basic TCP/IP connectivity exists. If the ping is successful, then ping the server again, but this time ping by the server’s fully qualified domain name (FQDN) rather than by its address. If this ping fails where the IP address ping succeeded, you have a DNS problem, because the client is unable to resolve the server’s name to an IP address.
If the TCP/IP connection is valid, the next thing to check is the authentication process.
The method for checking the authentication method depending on the operating system.
I usually prefer to use Windows Authentication in VPN environments, but RADIUS is also a popular choice.

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