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Merdur 04-05-2010 11:10 AM

Change names to ranks for descending order.
I would like to figure out how to change it so the ranks i setup are in descending order instead of the names.

I like instead of seeing names in alph order i would see my ranks from highest to lowest.

Prog-Rocker 04-10-2010 10:28 AM

sorry, but this option is not available in the current version. I will pass this along to the Devs for consideration.

EldarReaper 04-17-2010 03:35 PM

this is just a guess on my part. but their is an option under user editor when you right click anywhere in vent, and under server admin, and you click user editor. under the info tab there is a rank option and a rank list, you can make ranks however you want when you click add, or even edit if you have too. there is a Level option, it has been confusing to me which is why i looked at this form, so maybe depending on the level and how high it is the rank group would be higher than the other person, and vice verse. this is just a guess, but i will let you know when i figure this out if it indeed true, or i'm completely wrong and have no idea what i'm talking about :P

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