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kitenleblanc 10-16-2015 01:35 AM

Can't Speak keep getting error message
I'm having an issue with vent whenever I load it up and connect I get the following error

"Failed to open sound input device. rc=-10, CreateCaptureBuffer failed. HR=E_FAIL. An undetermined error occurred

Can not transmit because the program has not successfully opened a sound input device such as a desktop or headset based microphone. Please check your hardware configuration and any reported errors during connection.

I've tried uninstalling the sound drivers making sure the mute isn't checked, set the input devices to the actual device. I also called dell and they said it's a problem with ventrillo because it's not compatible with windows 10, but it was working fine for a month with windows 10 and suddenly stopped working. Any help would be greatly appreciated I've been driving myself crazy trying to fix it. :(

Flagship 10-16-2015 09:43 AM

Check out this post from Prog.


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