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Cavemanhead 06-02-2019 08:16 AM

ERROR: Cannot Manually Change Mute State

I just tried to unmute myself within Vent by right-clicking on my name|channel admin|unmute

I've done this hundreds of times before (yes, I know the mute mic/bind at the bottom of the screen needs to be unchecked).

Now, I get following error message:

What was changed and how do I fix it?

Prog-Rocker 06-02-2019 10:38 AM

the error message indicates you are in a channel that has been configured to be Queued.


Only one User at a time can transmit while in the channel until they stop transmitting or the time limit is reached. Each User is automatically channel muted when they enter the channel, as denoted by the "N" next to their name. The first User to start transmitting is the only one who is allowed to talk.

check the channel info to see how it is configured:

select the channel > rt-click on the channel name > channel admin > info > voice mode

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