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JES2009 09-24-2009 06:01 PM

Ventrilo No long Appear in Volume Mixer
Ventrilo No long Appear in Volume Mixer. It has been there. This morning, I changed a few setting in Setup. Trying to get a better connection. Well, I lost all outbound mic. Went into Setup and clicked on the "System Sound Control Panels" buttons. Got error message, "Unable to open system sound control sound panel. "C:\Windows\system32\sndvol32.exe.""

I am on Vista. For Vista, the exe file for its System Sound Control Panel ( Volume Mixer Dialog) is called sndvol.exe. Sndvol32.exe is an older Microsoft version.

Ventrilo has appear in the Volume Mixer Dialog. So, at some point it was accessing sndvol.exe. When I changed some Setup, Ventrilo started point to the sndvol32.exe file. That the way I see it.

Unistalling and reinstalling does not purge the previous installation's Setup.
Does anyone know who to remove this bug. Anybody have a resonable fix?

I'm not going to rename sndvol.exe to sndvol32.exe. Not going create a copy of sndvol.exe and rename it sndvol32.exe. This is a OS application.

If you have some information, or solution, plese post it here.

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