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humbleassassin 02-13-2009 10:31 PM

can see server but can auth *HELP PLEASE*
Ok guys ive been using vent for at least 4 years first time this happened.

Im using the same username and PW and all the settings are correct. Im not banned and im at home so no school. Ive made no changed to my firewall. but my PC crashed the other day and after I cant get in vent. I brought home my laptop installed the latest version and still cant get in. Im not banned *good friends with owner of the vent as im an admin myself* (just over my channel) I cant get in on 4 different guild vents and i dont know what to do. I uninstalled and reinstalled. help please.

Connected to server but unable to authenticate your login name and password. Make sure you entered the correct global server password or the password for your unique login name. You will be automatically banned if you try connecting with the wrong password several more times, so be sure you have the correct password before you try again. Passwords are case sensitive and must be completely retyped if you are making a change to it. The password will always be displayed as 8 (*'s or dots) even if the actual length of the password is shorter or longer then 8. You should also verify that you entered the correct IP address (or hostname) and Port number. If the port number is wrong you are connecting to the wrong server.:mad:

GemDog 02-14-2009 01:21 PM

is it a priv. server or rented server, have you buddy either way check the error logs or connection logs, and go from there.
you see the server! this is good news, and if you dbl checked the info ok cool!
you mentioned a crash b4? maybe your cookies are messed up if its use at all, not sure.

ask you buddy to turn off the password to the server for a few and see if you can get in, if so maybe in your machine the password hash is messed up from some virus or bot... or ask him to rest your password to something else.

I recv'd the same error on one server and they changed the password and didnt tell anyone exguildies were causing problems, also the ip was changed because someone was sending pings of death to it...

hope this helps

mjgraf 02-17-2009 12:54 AM

the error "Connected to server but unable to authenticate your login name and password." means that your password and username do not match. contact the server admin and verify your username and password.

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