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craigwf 11-14-2007 11:35 PM

what server log? where?

brownsfan187 11-14-2007 11:45 PM

I cant connect either. The server I connect to is definitly up and running and i have the right information for sure. I get this message when I try to connect to the server:

" Unable to connect to the specified server. Conntact the server admin and verify that the server is online. You should also verify the hostname and port number with the server admin to assure that you are trying to connect to the correct server."

craigwf 11-15-2007 12:11 AM

I finally managed to get onto my own server by changing the hostname from my LAN IP to my WAN IP (which unfortunately changes frequently). Weird.

GhaladReam 11-15-2007 01:19 PM

Yup, same problem here. I have both 3.0.0 server & client for windows. To test, I installed both the client and the server on the SAME machine, and tried to connect to the server using No luck. It just says "MSG: Contacting server". However, when I try to connect to it using 2.3 client, I get a message saying that the server is version 3.0.0, so the proper ports are in fact open.

Both client & server 2.3 work perfectly with eachother on this very same machine.

EDIT: One thing I noticed, is in the DOS window for server 2.3, after "READY:" it said something about "listening on the following interfaces" and it doesn't say that anymore.. It just ends with "READY:". I don't know if this has to do with this problem.

Jimieo 11-15-2007 01:43 PM

I can connect to my server using my LAN IP but the WAN IP my friends use no longer works for 3.0 but worked fine with 2.3

using [url][/url]

it says my server's not responding, when I am on it right now

GhaladReam 11-15-2007 04:00 PM

Nevermind, I fixed it somehow...

Nalcasai 11-15-2007 09:20 PM

just now checked it for fun... and the vent status is recognizing my server again buuuut i still cant connect to it... ugh

Arjster 11-15-2007 09:35 PM

Just wondering guys what OS are we all using, XP Ultimate here and having the same issues still.

Jimieo 11-15-2007 10:11 PM

windows XP here

Nalcasai 11-16-2007 07:26 PM

Same Problems
so yeah i dunno whats wrong with it... im useing xp have all the ports fowarded the only change i made from the other version to upgradeing it is i put it on a standalone server..... so im switching back to the old version since it seems no one else is using the new one anyway

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