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kat4fite 08-02-2006 09:38 AM

Audio Issue: iBook
when i log on vent using the laptop my guildmates can hear me and i can see that they are talking but i cannot hear them. when i switch to the imac- vent works fine…:confused: same headset, same version of vent. this first occured the other day…i was able to hear just fine and then poof! i couldn't hear. any clues as to what is happening? i have checked the settings in vent and system preferences.

i have tried rebooting ventrilo but it only wants to boot updates not a new program…how do i clean install ventrilo to see if this makes a difference?


kluge 08-03-2006 09:45 AM

I have three laptops (iBooks and PowerBooks), and my guildmates have iBooks. I've noticed the same problem (one user can hear everyone, but no-one can hear them). I have of course checked to make sure the mute isn't on and that the setup is configured properly... Then we discovered that the problem only seems to happen to the first person who connects. All subsequent users are fine. Not sure if the prolbem is related or not (i don't have an iMac to verify on).

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