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Default "`" (Grave key) Push-to-talk hotkey

Hi all,

I have been trying for ages now to get Ventrilo to recognise the grave key as a PTT key or as a bind but whenever I press that key in Ventrilo I get a windows critical stop beep (that deep gong sound). I saw some other people had problems with the grave key but there were few replies and none of the suggestions worked for me. (Just a reminder, the grave key is to left left of '1' and below the Escape key)

I have tried it with DirectInput and without but it never recognises the key. Could this be a problem with the fact that I am from the UK and have a British keyboard and Windows set up with British English settings? There are only minor difference in the keyboards though - the @ is in a different place but they are essentially the same layout.

I used to use TeamSpeak but I can't stand it any more because it's too awkward to use but I could bind the grave key in that. I know the key works for some people as a friend of mine in New York is able to assign it easily. I have a feeling it is something to do with DirectInput and a British keyboard but other than that I'm not sure.

Have a look at my setup:

The closest I can get to assigning it is by using DirectInput to detect the key but the assigned key doesnt change and I still get the beep from windows, the only difference is that i get this error message instead:

"The current Hotkey is not supported when the DirectInput option is selected"

My system setup is:
AMD Athlon XP 2600+
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
Audigy 2 soundcard
Club3D G-Force 6600 GT
Hitachi 250GB S-ATA drive

I have the latest drivers for all devices and DirectX 9.0c (I also tried beta drivers for the soundcard). I really hope you guys can help. Thanks in advance.

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Any help with this? The problem still persists even with the latest version for the ventrilo client and server (2.3.0).

Has anyone else encountered the same problem?
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I just did a quick test here and the program recognized the grave key just fine. In Setup-Voice if it doesn't say GRAVE in the hotkey field when you press that key then it's possible that there is a slight difference in the keyboard mapping that is causing the problem.
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I think this is the case then. I've tried using different settings and then assigning the grave key but it never says 'GRAVE' in the hotkey field. I'll see if I can discover why/what is different about my keyboard assignments
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Default Solution?

Just to let you know, I had a problem with the grave key also... don't know if this is the same issue you had, but when I set it up, every time I went to use it it would give me a ding-ding-ding-ding sound like I had a key held down (which of course, I did).

The solution was the place a checkmark in the box labeled "Discard hotkey".

Worth a shot... see if it fixes your problem!
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