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Default Windows 7 64 bit problem

So I searched through these forums and I can't really find anyone with my problem so I'm gunna have to post it =P.

So I'm running windows 7 64bit with ventrilo 64bit on a soundblaster audio card with a 5.1 surround sound speaker system + headphones (problem hits both), when I run vent on my comp and then try to do anything, or even not do anything I will hear a crackle crackle screech then no sound whatsoever. Not a single thing will make sound on my computer unless I close vent down and try to make the computer snap out of it, usually by opening itunes and playing a song. Again it will crackle crackle screech and then wallaaa I will have sound. Now if I'm running vent and lets say counter strike source and this happens, sometimes it will last for oh, 30 secs to a min then it will come back and it will play everything in vent that was said while I didn't have any sound. If I leave the sound the way it is after its gone dead, it will usually just stay like that, although sometimes it will come back (hurray!). This problem has only happened to me when vent is up and running, its not a lag issue I'm pretty sure, but I'm hoping you guys can tell me.

Hopefully you guys can help me. Thanks in advance!
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interesting if this is the same static.
exactly which soundblaster?
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