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Default Ventrilo not connecting to any server

I've downloaded the official 3.0.7 version and it does not connect me to any server at all. I checked it is allowed in firewall.

I'm using win7 x64...

It's the first time i'm installing vent on this pc

What can be wrong here?
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what is ventrilo displaying in the channel area?
does an error pop up?

we need to know these messages.
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channel area - Server is available, please connect.. connecting ( i hope that was what you were asking for )
and afetr about 10 secs theres an error - unable to connect.
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just tryin to help
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Does your system have the Bigfoot Killer Network Card installed?

Try powering off the modem-router-pc (in that order) for at least 60 seconds each (this will clear all cached data)

Try re-installing or updating the router firmware. Check the manufacturers website for your make/model

In Windows Network Properties, disable all un-used network card ports (some cards include both wired and wireless ports)
Windows Control-Panel / network and sharing / manage network connection / right-click on the device(s) that aren't used and select 'disable'

In Windows Network Properties, try disabling QoS:
Windows Control-Panel / network and sharing / view status (link on right side) / properties / uncheck "QoS Packet Scheduler"

Temporarily disable all firewall/virus applications to test

Perform a traceroute to the server when it happens and post the results:

start > run

cmd {hit enter}
tracert serverhostname(found in server setup)

(example: tracert )

try the telnet test:

start > run

cmd {hit enter}
telnet serverhostname port#

(where serverhostname={the server ipaddress or hostname of the server you’re trying to connect to (found in vent client server setup)} and port#={port associated with that server}
(example: “telnet 3784” or “telnet 3784” without the quotes)

If Telnet is able to connect then the screen will go blank. If not, then you will see an error message about not being able to connect.

Vista / Windows 7 and Telnet

Control-Panel / Programs and Features / Turn Windows features on or off / select “Telnet Client” / click OK

If telnet can't connect then vent won't either as telnet is a function of the tcp/ip stack which is a part of the operating system.
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