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Default How to exclude guests from seeing channels?

When I set the "(Guest)" user account and disable the "See Channels" option in the "Display" tab, then as desired I find that guests who login without a password cannot see any channels other than those in the root-level lobby.

Regretably however, I also find that:

  • Guests ONLY see the users who are also in the lobby when they arrive.
  • Guest do not see (or subsequently hear) any users present in private rooms, whom then do see they arrive and then switch to that room to speak with them.
  • Although guests do see any registered users who log into the vent lobby after them, they do not see those user ids disappear from vent when a user subsequently switches to another channel.

Current settings in Display Tab include:

See Guest accounts - checked
See non-guest accounts -checked
See MOTD - No
See Server COmment - checked
See Channels - No
See Channel COmments - checked
See User Comments - checked

Transmit tab:

All checked on left; all checked on right except for three:
Mute Globally at Login - No
Mute Others while Talking - No
Use Equalizer Outbound - No

Network tab:

None checked except for:

Receive broadcast streams - checked
Switch channels - checked (but seems to make no difference if unchecked)

No Admin, Chan Admin, or Chan Auth settins enabled for (Guest) account.

I hope someone can help.

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