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Default Issues talking in vent

Just recently (after patch 4.0.1 came out in WoW) when I try to use my mic or to talk in vent, it doesn't work. I have the newest version of vent (just installed the newest version from the website last night). I use Speex 32 KHz, 16 bit, 10 Qlty and the Grave key as my PTT.

It is a typefrag server, and I have been on it before and my mic has worked, but it seems like it isn't right now.

Is there something I need to change? Or is the built in mic not working in vent anymore? (I have it set as Default for the sound input) and line input is set as min for some reason, even when I turn that up to middle or Maximum it still doesn't work.

Please help, and thanks

- Boo
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does your icon turn green when keying up? if no, then make sure the 'mute mic' box at the bottom of the main window is unchecked.

also, take a look at this post which has some excellent troubleshooting tips:
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I would also recommend walking through the Vent Mac Setup guide, and make sure all the settings are correct. See it here
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