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Lightbulb Button to momentarily block outgoing voice

I was wondering if it was possible to have a button that blocks outgoing voice communications momentarily while using the automatic voice activation option?

I often play games using the automatic activation feature, and find it difficult to converse with family and friends IRL while logged onto Vent without bothering other people in the channel. I was wondering if there was a button that blocks outgoing voice communications momentarily, so I could click it, talk to my family, and then unclick it and continue to play with the automatic voice activation.

Is this a feature of Ventrilo that I am unaware of? Is there any way of making this a possibility through some sort of modification?

Thanks for any help provided!

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in the Bindings section, create a key using 'Toggle Mute Microphone'
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I know this is an old post, but you can also simply click on the "Mute Microphone" button at the bottom of Ventrilo. This will allow you to simply mute and un-mute yourself anytime you wish for the Voice Activation not to automatically transmit what you are currently saying.
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