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Default ventrilo for windows mobile and smartphones with Wi-Fi?

First I'd like to say that I'm vary sorry for posting this in the tech forum but this seemed to be the best place to ask and I'd really like it! also I'm sure others would like it as well.

I recently discovered a free program that uses VoIP to call cell phones and land line phones vary vary cheap anywhere in the world from

The best thing about it for me was that they had versions for any PDAs/cell phones with Windows Mobile or smartphones with Wi-Fi and you can use it at any Wi-Fi access point. many ppl say it works flawlessly.

My question is!

Is it possible to make a ventrilo version for smartphones and Windows Mobile that have Wi-Fi and decent memory?

I own an incorporated construction company and I also play WoW in a raiding guild LOL kinda feels weird to say that LOL. sometimes unexpectedly I just can't get away from work
and in those cases I have a hard time getting hold of my WoW Buddy's to tell them I'm going to be late so that 25 ppl don't wait on me.

I was thinking how great it would be if I could just connect to vent from my phone over Wi-Fi. I wouldn't need anything complex just being able to connect to my vent server and tell them I'm not going to be there would be a godsend.
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