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gerg nad
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Default What is the Client Port/s? Progressively higher pings I think

What are the Client ports? That is, what are the Client ports that need to be open and high priority? I assume these are not the same as the Server ports. Are the Client ports 6100 5000, as I has seem some threads with reference to this?

I am having, I assume lag issue, (as I did not know the ping times were displayed, so will be looking for these), but am experiencing symptoms that were described as ping time increases.

What happens is I connect fine to ventrilo, but eventually I first cannot hear others talk, and when I look at the ventrilo channel someones speaker is always yellow, then I either get disconnected completely or get reconnected and everyones discussion gets spammed at one time back to me, even if they talked several minutes ago.

It appears that one person solved their issue by working with their ISP to get high priority on ports 6100 and 5000. I am wondering if I need to work with my ISP and what should I ask them to do?

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actually, ventrilo's voice stream is only over the server port and not port 6100 or 5000.

you see yellow because you do not have permission to hear that person's stream or this user is in another channel.

your issue is most likely connection related.
could you provide a tracert to the server when the problem is occurring.
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Default I have the same problem.

Hey man, I have this same problem. Now my vent worked fine before I upgraded to Verizon FIOS and now I have the same problem you have. I second the motion that we solve this problem.
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