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Default "A" in front of Channel names

I'm trying to set up my vent for admin, members and guest logins but I've done something wrong I think...

I created a login for guests and didn't give them any admin rights (that I know of) but "A" shows up in front of all the channel names when I log in using that login.

I know "A" shows up when I'm in admin mode.... does this "A" mean that they have admin privileges?

OK, I'm back again before the first question got answered, with another one. Now, when I log with my own admin login, all of the channels I had set up are gone completely! On the guest login the channels are still there, with the "A" in front of each. What on earth could have happened?

I'm not completely tech-savvy, but neither am I totally disconnected... maybe I've spent too many hours on it for today. Any guidance will be appreciated.

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the "A" in front of all channels means they have admin permissions for that channel. check user-editor/guest/channel admin-auth tabs for channels listed in the left box.

on your acct, make sure you have all the 'See' permissions in the display tab
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Thumbs up Thanks

Thanks for heading me in the right direction!
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