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Default laggy mouse and keyboard while running ventrilo

I was using a wireless keyboard and mouse made by Logitech while playing World of Warcraft and running Ventrilo. I had ZERO problems.

Then yesterday, I purchased a Microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse combo and started getting SEVERE mouse and keyboard lag while running Ventrilo and playing World of Warcraft.

I'm running Microsoft IntelliType Pro 6.3 for the keyboard, and Microsoft IntelliPoint 6.3 for the mouse.

Unchecking "Use direct input to detect hotkey" within the Ventrilo settings seems to fix the problem, or at least makes it not as noticeable. I've also read that changing Process priority class to "High" within the Ventrilo settings is supposed to fix it as well, but I haven't tried that method yet.

I'm curious why this happens at all and what, if anything, the Ventrilo team is doing to try to isolate and resolve the problem. Since it seems to only happen for me with Microsoft hardware, maybe there's something funky that Microsoft is doing in their drivers that they shouldn't be.
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