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Default Speakers/Headphones

I've been a daily user of Ventrilo for multiple years now, yet I still don't understand how to use my headphones to solely hear Ventrilo. I'm attempting to use Speakers to listen to music, and Headphones to listen to Ventrilo.

Is there any easy way to go about doing this?

Under the "Voice" tab in the Settings for Ventrilo both my Input and Output devices have direct sound enabled and have "C-Media rear panel audio" selected instead of the other option of "Default DirectSound device".

As for my drivers and codecs for the software I use:

3D Audio Engine: Xeaer3D CRL3D DS3D EAX2.0 A3D1.0
Audio CODEC: CMI 9880
Audio Driver Version:
Audio Controller: High Definition Audio
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0b

I have the option to "Enable Multiple Streaming", but I'm not too sure what this is.

I currently have 6 input plug ins in the back of my sound card and I can tell my software which plug in to use as what device, for example headphones/speakers/mic/background speakers, etc... I can use headphones and speakers at the same time for the same sound, but I don't know how to make ventrilo solely come through my headphones.

Any help is HIGHLY appreciated.
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in case this isn't a typo "DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0b", you should update directx to 9.0c.

check for soundcard driver updates.

try enabling the multistreaming.

goto windows sounds&audio-audio tab-set output to speakers
goto " " -voice tab-set both to headphones
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This can be done using 2 different sound cards. Grab a USB headset (like Sennheiser PC-155) and life is good
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