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Default Trying to get game sounds to come out speakers and Vent sounds out Headset

I'm using a Sound Blaster Audigy and I'm trying to get the chat to come through my headset and my games sounds through my speakers. As it stand right now I have to unplug my speakers and plug in my headset (mic just stays in always) then after I'm done plug back in the speakers. In sort I only use Vent when I'm on a Raid in WoW and that's about it. Having the game sounds mixed in with the chat makes for a ton of sounds going at once. I know there is more then enough ports on the card just not sure how to set it up.
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if you are not using 5.1 sound, then try the following

Put your sound card into surround mode.
Plug your speakers into the Front speaker connection on the card.
Plug your headphones into the Rear speaker connection on the card.
Click Setup.
Enable DirectSound for the output device.
Click SFX.
Click surround.
Add the 3D Surround option.
Move the slider all the way to Rear.
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I am having the same problem and I did try this method but not voices come out of my speakers and headset

Sound Card: Realtek AC97 Audio
Speakers/Headphones: Desktop Speakers
It had 6 plugs, I use the Line out for my desktop speakers and Line in for my
All in Wonder video card so I can watch tv and mic in for my mic of course.
1 line out
1 line in
1 microphone
1 rear speaker
1 side speaker
1 center/subwoofer

Thanks for any help you can offer
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