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Default Connection issues

I'm trying to set up a server for my WoW guild, and I have run the server program, and can ping the ip address given to me by myip here, but I can't connect to the server at all from my machine, nor can anyone else in the guild.

Any ideas to help me on my way? I'm sure it's a silly, simple little thing... but I'm so frustrated right now
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Try posting in the Server forum...
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Well that forum is a madhouse. Off hand i can think of two things.

1) if you use a router to connect to the cable modem/internet. you need to make sure that the port that you want people to connect to your computer with is forwarded to the server. This is found in the router's options panel, often accessible from something like

2) IF you are using a firewall, you can either deactivate it entirely, or allow the port to be bypassed from the firewall. This depends on where you use a firewall. If you use the standard Mac OS Firewall, you need to go to the System preferences and then click the sharing tab. Click the Firewall tab and do one of two things, if you want to, you can click stop to deactivate the firewall entirely, nothing bad will happen to the computer, but it does allow room for a little more attacks on the system. Or you can click the 'New' button on the right hand side. If you do this, a prompt will ask for a name, you can go to the bottom of the list and select 'Other' to add one of your own name. In this prompt just add the port number you want people to connect to in the 'TCP Port Numbers' text box. Once you hit ok and save all changes, try to connect to it again. If you can connect you're done. It is also possible there is a Firewall inside the router you may or may not be using, if this is the case, you need to go to its options pane, but sadly i don't know enough but all routers to really help here.

If after trying these and it still doesn't work, then we need to do some more thinking. Till then. Good luck :P

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