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Default Temp server for speex

I want to say thank you for releasing the prototype mac client. Although I use a PC we have many members that use MAC's and its great to finaly hear them.
We rent a server from a hosting company but the option to switch codecs is not readily available. We have sent an email to contact them about possibly switching codecs and hopefully will soon. In the mean time we set up a private free server on one of our PC's with the speex codecs. This enabled us to at least give the mac members a taste of what we all have enjoyed. The only downfall is the number limit. Hopefully by next week our hosting company will have gotten back to us and we can switch the codecs there.

To all that are complaining about not having GSM codec option you can take that same route for now and be happy they released what they did. Remember its a PROTOTYPE and not fully functional yet. They could have waited till all the options were ready 1, 2, 3 months.

THANK YOU all at FLAGSHIP for allowing us to test it while your still improving it!

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