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Question Inbound sound issue

Yesterday Vent worked just fine for inbound and outbound sound. Today I got a new monitor, Asus PB287Q 4k monitor, it is using display port for the connection. However outbound sound works just fine according to the others in the Vent chat I am using. Also game sound and media player sound are normal. The only thing that has changed is the inbound sound from others talking in Vent. I can kinda of hear them but it is quiet and very muddled so I cannot understand anything they are saying. I have messed with the settings for anything I would think would have an effect but nothing improved it. Some settings made it so I could not hear anything. I have set the settings back to what they originally were so at least my outbound works fine.

I am guessing this may have something to do with display port as that is the only new thing but it is odd that everything else works the same as before.
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the display may have added some playback devices to the windows audio list.

goto windows c-panels > sounds > playback tab > rt-clik on all un-used devices and select 'disable'. even though they are not in-use they can sometimes interfere.
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Tried that and it didn't work, it gave me the idea to go into the Device Manager and disable non-used sound devices there as well but that didn't work either.

Reinstalled my sound card drivers, that didn't work either but it did now list the folders under program files as new so I went into those. Nothing under settings worked but when I went into the speaker setup I saw that here it was set up as 5.1 (under the windows Sound speaker setup it was not so I thought it was set right) and as I only use headphones changing it to headphones fixed the issue. This makes sense why it fixed it as it did sound like I had no center channel (where most talking is through but most all music sounds okay).

So for some reason hooking the monitor up changed the speaker configuration in the sound card speaker configuration but not windows speaker configuration.
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If you play any MP3 or Wave files are they hard to hear as well?
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