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Default Help - Login but empty window :[

I'm able to login into server:

Port: 3786

other ppl see me online but my window is empty, I can't talk or hear anything. about one month ago everything worked now no more. I tried to delete preferences and configure again with no results. a friend with mac and same vent version (2.3.2 prot. 15) can connect and talk.

can you help me?
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please ensure that UDP is allowed by your firewall.

you may want to try temporarily disabling the firewall to test this.

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yeah, got it working! :]

as you said it was firewall fault. it's a bit complex to explain (and surely you won't care but will tell you the same) but I've first to define the service (name and ports) and then, from another page I can assign what computer of network may have access to that service.
when Vent server owner changed the port I just modified the service but it seems (not really sure and too lazy to test but it may be) that to make fw accept new value I've to reassign that service.
it's seems a stupid thing if it's true but, hey, my router is old crap. :]

many thanks for help, anyway.

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