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So you're saying that by twiddling the knob on Setup/Speech/Volume, you can control the volume of the voice that says "Now in World of Warcraft Channel". You definitely confirm this?

Something I just noticed... Dock/Preferences/Universal Access has an assistive voice that will speak the name of anything you hover over. "Seeing"..."Hearing" etc. It's the exact same voice and volume as the damn Ventrilo robot voice. Is there any chance Ventrilo is exporting its Text-to-speech to the OS, and that volume is controlled elsewhere? If so where?

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i just checked mine and they are different voices and different volumes. and yes i can control the volume of the TTS independently in ventrilo.

you're gonna love me.
i just recreated your issue.
I went back thru the messages and your screenshot showed that you are using the (Default) voice in ventrilo setup. When this is selected I was unable to control the TTS volume in ventrilo. Set the voice in ventrilo and you will be able to control the volume.
this has been submitted to development.

sorry for the issue and the time it took for me to recreate it!! at least i did find it!
i could not find how to control the volume of the TTS voice, but only that of the VoiceOver Assistant.

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