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Default New URL Protocol Issue Ventrilo(4.0.3)

Since this new update for Ventrilo(4.0.3) on Windows 10 that altered Ventrilo's handling of URL protocols, I have been unable to properly use any URLs that are in a URL comment, or when sent in chat. When I Ctrl-Click a URL it opens up a popup window that reads

Protocol = https
Description = URL:https
Execute = "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"
(shows the link I am trying to open)

Protocol not in authorized list. Would you like to add to the
authorized list and then execute the external command?

Yes = Add then Execute.
No = Execute without Adding.
Cancel = Abort this link.

So, the issue I am having is that Ventrilo wants to set Internet Explorer for any URL. I use Firefox which is set to my default web browser, and any URL link in the previous versions of Ventrilo worked fine. I have tried everything personally I could think of. Such as

1. Clicked Yes to add protocol and then tried to find it in the Windows Default App protocols. (HTTP/HTTPS protocols already/still show Firefox as default app, nothing changed)
2. Uninstalled Ventrilo, delete any and all files left over. Then reinstall the program.
3. Double check Windows 10's default apps by protocol.
4. Uninstall/reinstall Firefox.
5. Removed Internet Explorer 11 from the Windows Features list and Restarted.

With all that done Ventrilo still wants to add a protocol with Internet Explorer even though it's no longer installed. I am absolutely puzzled as to why Ventrilo is so insistent I use Internet Explorer for URLs and not just use the set default web browser. Hell, it doesn't even want to use Microsoft Edge, or Chrome, even if I set them to default web browser as well.

If there are other steps to throw my way I would gladly try them as any help would be much appreciated. This may not be a huge issue, but it sure is an annoyance. All I want is to Ctrl-Click a URL and it load up in Firefox lol.
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