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Thumbs up Omg I Love U Vent :D You Guys R The Bomb!!!

I can't express to you the feelings that I'm having right now in regards to being able to finally use a working client version of Ventrilo for the Mac. I realize that this is only a prototype/beta client but I am so happy that you release any version that can do some of the basic things so that I can, at the very least, listen in on my guild server. I am extremely happy that you decided to give out a release instead of waiting till the final version, of which by that time I might of A.) Left the guild I was in search of a guild that uses TeamSpeaks or B.) Cancel my membership to WoW entirely, due to my frustration with end-game content and the lack of a Mass VoIP cliet program for the Mac.

So in the spirit of the long past Budweiser commerical, THIS BUD'S FOR YOU! Cheers Mates!!!
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Thanks. As I take a swig of my "Bud Ice" sitting next to me.

Flagship Industries, Inc.
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Yeah, what DBlue said.
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Seconded or thirded! Or fourthded or whatever it takes. Thanks guys!
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I agree! I have been waiting for a Mac version forever! All my PC friends on WOW are using Vent all the time. I just wish I could use the same codec they are using. I've waited this long, I will wait more
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