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Default Restricting channel access

I run a small World of Warcraft guild and we've until recent been mostly 20somethings that have a moderate idea of when a good time to talk is and when it isn't.

We have undergone a growth spurt and now have several members who don't know when to hold they're tongue.

So anyway, is there a way to mute a channel and still allow certain people to talk?
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you can set the channel to 'muted' and then use the 'rank' system to allow/disallow users to transmit

Transmit Rank Level
This option only applies when Voice mode is set to Queued or Muted.
When accounts are assigned a Rank, the rank will have an associated Level value. If the rank level is greater-than or equal-to this value then any account with that rank will be automatically un-muted when they join the channel. Whereas everyone else will be auto muted. See the Rank list for more details.
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