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Angry Fraps problem.

Ok Me and my clan use Vent to chat, and I use Fraps to record video.

When I try to do both: If Fraps has the setting on "Detect best sound input" I can get all the background noises from my games. But my voice is blocked and will not be heard. (Although some like it that way)

If Fraps has the setting on "Use Windows input" My voice is heard by everyone (To everyones dismay ) but the background noises are non-existant.

I would love it if those that can get both vent and fraps to work at the same time could tell me all the settings I need to change.

If anyone has any help regarding this, that would be greatly appreciated.
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The sound card can only monitor one input source. It either microphone or "what you hear" can't have it both ways unless you have two sound cards.
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