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Default Mic Problems

Ok I have really frustrating problems with my vent right now.

Heres my situation: Since I'm on vacation I am away from my home and I can only use my old mac book pro. This computer is really, really old so it makes this vibrating sound constantly. So when I am on vent people were yelling at me for having the vibrating sound (since I used the built in mic on my laptop).

So I decided I would go out and buy a mic to fix the problem. So I whent to radioshack and bought a mic/headset that plugs in with a mic and headset jack (not usb) and I whent on vent.

Now witht the mic on and everything people are still complainging about the vibrating, and I can't figure anything out about it but that the mic isnt working right. After thinking for a while I just realized that the settings must not work for the mic or something (because its a BRAND NEW mic).

So here is a cap of my settings:

PLEASE tell me what Im doing wrong for my headset with a mic built in! Remember it is one that hooks up to my computer through the mic and headset jacks.

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the first problem is that the jack on the mac is not a mic jack, it's a line-input jack so your mic won't work without a device like the Griffin iMic. if possible, suggest you take the headset back and get a usb type headset.

then in vent setup, set the sound devices to the name of the usb headset.

or you can try using the built-in mic by setting the sound-input device to 'built-in input' and set the outbound amplifier to 0

the noise may be coming from electrical interferrence from the fan.
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