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Default Jawbone Losing Connection in Ventrilo... I Think

Hello all.

When using my Jawbone headset after a short time, I stop hearing what is being said and people are unable to hear me when I speak. I can, however, still hear the faint background "woosh" when connected.

I successfully used my Jawbone, with no problems, under Windows for some time.

The only place I currently use my Jawbone on the iMac is when using Ventrilo. When the connection is lost I can restart Ventrilo and things will work again for a short period.

I'm not sure if this is a problem with the Jawbone->iMac, or an issue with Ventrilo not getting along with a Bluetooth device.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the issue might be? Any suggestions on what I could do to test if it is my headset, the iMac or Ventrilo causing the ultimate issue?

Thank you for any help!

EDIT: I've noticed several posts asking about codec information. This is what I can find concerning mine. Under the "Test with" section, the following information appears by default.

Codec: Speex
Format: 16Khz, 16 bit, 10 Qlty
Bandwidth: Bytes=5324, Bits=42592

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