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Originally Posted by Netherby View Post
Hello, I have the same problem on my MacBook using Logitech usb head-set. But not just panics, people also complain that my out-going transmissions randomly start echoing or sounding like a 'robot'.. If I use the sound test in setup, my transmission quality returns to normal, or if I close and restart ventrilo. This happens quite regularly and is very annoying.

Also after running ventrilo for a longer period it will cause a kernel panic, this takes an hour or more to happen, but it will always eventually happen and appears to be caused by transmitting, since if I leave the mic muted for long periods it doesn't panic, it's only when actually transmitting.

I don't run any games on this computer, only iChat, msn, mail and vent.
Exact same thing happens to me and I also have a Logitech USB headset. I will say that the kernel panics do not happen if I mute my mic. All the problems (kernel panics and major audio distortion as described above) only happen when transmitting. Recieve is fine. What's wierd is the distortion, as loging out and back into the server clears it up, only for it to get distorted again after a few minutes.

Alas I have no other headset to test either.
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