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Default text to speech problems

I'm posting this in the mac forum because I'm running the mac version now, but this problem started while I was running Virtual PC 7 with the pc vent. I was running VPC with vent for a long time for raids, and then about a month before the mac version came out all the text to speech stopped. When someone joins/leaves server or joins/leaves my channel it always would say so. But like I said one day it just stopped, and now that I'm using the mac version it still doesn't play these events. I've gone into my setup and events tab and changed them from text-to-speech to try the other options, but nothing worked. So now I've got it all set back to text-to-speech, and none of the events play. Anyone else have this problem or a solution?
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TTS is currently not supported in the mac release. If you read the known issues page it explains what does and does not work.
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As shown in:
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