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Default Codex change guide please

I've been trying to get Ventrilo to work on my mac ever since I heard about it a few months ago. Haven't been able to yet, because I haven't known a server admin well enough. Now we've allied with another guild, got a bigger server, so I ask the GM/admin about trying to change the Codex one night when it's kind of dead, even offer some gold just to try.

He says, 'no f'ing way, costs money and server is shut down for 3 days.'

Now from what I've read here it's just a simple change in an options menu, followed by a restart and a mandatory update to the latest client for all PC users. Sounds a lot less intimidating.

Who's right? And can someone please write a step by step guide (maybe Flagship) on changing the Codex. I'm sure it would help a lot of people, I see a lot of people asking that question.

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Who is the hosting company?
Flagship Industries, Inc.
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And can someone please write a step by step guide (maybe Flagship) on changing the Codex.
1) Edit the ventrilo_srv.ini file. Change the VoiceCodec setting to 3 (Speex) and the VoiceFormat setting to whatever quality setting you desire (I typically like 20).

Note: Most hosting companies have a web-based control panel which allow the server administrator to change the codec setting since they don't have direct access to the file. If they do not, one can have the settings changed by opening a ticket with the hosting company's support department.

2) Restart the server.

Total time with web-based control panel: 2 minutes (if you're slow).
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