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Default Yet another "can't get mic to work" issue - mac G5 a problem model?

Hi. I have a nice PowerMac G5, and on weekends - like many others - play World of Warcraft, in a guild that is composed largely of vent users. I recently installed vent, and was immediately gratified to hear the voices of my guildmates, but they could not hear mine. I play around with settings, see my speaker in the chatroom light up when I hit the PTT hotkey, but no sound goes thru. I have now read the various postings in this forum, checked the various possible sources of error, and from everything I can see in software configs for both vent and my own system, all is well. The G5 has a headset jack in the front, and what looks like an audio in jack on the back. When I plug a regular mac mic in the backside jack, while the system sound window is open, the "meter" leaps around (indicating a live jack) but goes silent afterwards - no amount of hollering or tapping on the mic elicits anything from the meter. So, assuming the mic was the problem, I borrowed a friend's nice USB-adaptor headset. Plugs in, no probs - vent recognizes the device, I select it; system sound prefs recognizes the device, and I select it. Meter flickers (the lowest bar, every few seconds), but nothing more no matter how high I set the input volume or holler into the mic. Run "test" in vent, just in case, but nothing happens. In essence, I'm at a loss - is there something about G5 desktop computers that makes them incompatible with microphones and headsets? Supposedly this model has a built-in mic and a good sound card. If the sound card was bad, how would I be hearing the chat over vent? I don't want to buy an external sound card if (a) I shouldn't need it and (b) there's something about the G5 that will make even an external sound card ineffective. I'd be very grateful if you can shed light on this - I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in an answer, as I see many of the product reviews for headsets on the web from G5 users saying they bought a headset and could not make it work. Something fishy going on.


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