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Mafia Boss
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Default Minor interface suggestions

In the main window there are buttons named "->". That looks kind of weird... if you want an arrow character, there is one built in Edit menu, Special Characters. (A regular right-facing arrow is U+2192.)

Also, in Setup, if you enable the "Push-to-talk" option, it should show a message explaining the whole "enable assistive devices" stuff. Most people won't try to look on the forums to find that information out I know one of my buddies thought it just didn't work.

All in all though, these are minor polish issues. Ventrilo itself works really well. Thanks for releasing it on the Mac!
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yeah, it was carry over from the windows client and I never bothered to change them. I have since change them to a dedicated arrow character but more arrowhead looking then the one you suggested (which seemed too small for my taste).

Good point about popping up a message for "assistive devices". I'll put that in asap.

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