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Exclamation connecting from Israel

hi all,

I am using ventrilo 3.0.1. I use ventrilo since about 2 years and never had any complains, however, since a few month I keep on getting too high pings and can't communicate anymore. The ping I receive from ventrilo is between 5000 - 31000 (disconnection). From time to time, however, I also get normal pings but this is very rarely.

I tried already a few things in order to solve this problem. I changed my Internet service provider which didn't help. I also formated my PC and reinstalled only the most necessary programs in order to make it run, but there's no change.

It confuses me that this problem ony relates to ventrilo. I don't have any problems with teamspeak or any other program. What also confuses me is the fact that this problem just popped up a few month ago and since than didn't change and return to normal status.

I really don't know what to do anymore: I am so upset and hope that someone is going to be able to help me with my problem here.

If there is anything you guys need to know, please, don't hesitate to ask questions: I really need this problem to be solved.

ventrilo also lags if WoW isn't running. Moreover, the soundcard driver is up to date. in vent setup/misc I already checked 'process priority=high', and in vent setup the input/output devices are set to the soundcard.

I really dont't know what to do anymore, please help.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Take care...

p.s.: i just made a screenshot which also confuses me: after speaking to my service provider i pinged the ventrilo server i usually use. the result was just fine (127), while at the same time the application itself shows me a ping of about 4500. i would post the screenshot here, but i don't know how to upload a file. if it is necessary, please let me know.

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