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Default High pitch voice?


I've been getting reports from my friends that after I start up a new instance of ventrilo, I have a high pitch voice or something, to the point that I could not be understood.

However after I open the setup menu and close it again (no changes), it fixes itself. I think it still remains normal when I restart ventrilo.

Not that this is important, but it is bothersome to deal with every morning.

Running Windows 7 64bit, Ventrilo 3.0.8
Correct and updated audio drivers, highest microphone quality setting thing.
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in vent setup, is the input device dropdown box set to the name of the mic device you're using?

is the hardware mixer section set to 'none'

set outbound amplifier to 0

i would also suggest going to the windows c-panel/sounds app, select the recording tab, rt-clik in the windows and select 'show disabled and disconnected devices' , rt-clik on each un-used devlce and disable it.

what happens when you enter vent setup is that vent disconnects from the mic input and when you exit setup it re-connects.

if needed, you can also setup a binding key that can 'reset the input device'
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