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Question Push to talk?

Hey, what exactly am I missing here.. I'm trying to talk using a usb headset (Cyber Acoustics USB Headset AC-850), now it works fine if I enable "push to talk" but it doesn't seem to work any other way? I guess maybe because its still in beta that feature hasn't been added in yet or is there something I should be checking to make that work? If i set it to push to talk (and set esc for example as the key) it works fine when I press that, but I'd rather not have to push any buttons to talk if possible... It shows that its monitoring and finding sound when I do the monitor, is it possibly something to do with the sensitivity (I've tried various things other then the default 60 and still no dice).. Or is this feature just not implemented yet and I've been wasting my time
Any info on how I could either get this working or a "this doesn't work yet" would be great

PS, using osx 10.4.3... because it seems that people have been talking about direct X and service pack numbers in this forum.... when its a mac forum?

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