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Default Mac Problem with Key-binding with 3.0.1


I looked for a thread with this problem but couldnt find one. This is my problem, I use a Mac Book Pro with OSX with Vent 3.01. I downloaded Vent fine, and logged into the server fine. However, when I'm Playing World of Warcraft my "push to talk" key only works when I minimize WoW and click on Vent. I can hear everyone else, but my key only "lights up" and allows me to talk when I selected vent via minimize, and not in the WoW screen.

I'm a little slow when it comes to Macs so please walk me through how to fix this problem. Also, the PTT option poped up a MSG about changing some system files or what not to get Vent to work, but I don't really know what to change or if this is the problem.

Thanks again for any forth coming advice.
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There used to be a sticky post with some "known issues", but apparently it's no longer sticky.

Here is the posting:

There's also a Mac page but nothing appears to link to it anymore
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