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Angry Friends and i cannot connect to my server. Yes i have done everything. Details*

My spec
Windows 7 64 ultimate
Ventrilo client Latest Version
Ventrilo Srv Latest version

Router Forward : UDP TCP 3784 and 6100
commando firewall: Ventrilo and ventrilo Srv allowed.

Ventrilo Status : Active.

I, myself and my friends couldn't connect to the server i hosted.
I check ventrilo status. It works perfectly
The weird thing is that it was working last two days.
Tonight i hosted again. it just didnt work at all

My ventrilo keeps on saying MSG: Contacting Server.....
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just tryin to help
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first, you should be connecting locally by one of the following configurations:

For PC’s connecting on the same LAN as the server:
If you’re connecting the client from a different PC than the server then configure the client to use one of the internal ipaddresses of the server for the servername.

If you’re running the client on the same PC as the server then use or “localhost” as the servername.

i've seen from other users if they use the external ipaddress to connect locally that it causes problems.
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