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Default Additional Mic Problems...

I am aware that my Mac G5 tower does not have a built-in pre-amp for use with a standard TRS input (like iPod headphones). I read that a USB mic may solve these problems and wanted to ask a few questions regarding that theory. If I do drop $30 on this USB Mic is it going to work (has anyone tried this.)? Also I was wondering about the possibility of an Xbox headset being adequate to solve my problem.

As a side note I will be using the mic in Ventrilo to be gaming in World of Warcraft.

I've tried just about everything there is to try regarding the current TRS situation and nothing works. I've even run it through a mixer for christ's sake. Nothing. I'm so completely fed up with not being able to talk to my friends and I've been trying for so long to make it work that I'm about to give up on it all together. If anyone can help me resolve the problem it would be most appreciated.

Sorry about the long post,
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Default Return Policy

All I can say is that Vent does not work on my MacBook Pro when I use a USB microphone, it force quits as soon as I connect to a server. So, if you get one find out what the store's return policy is.

I used to have a Power Mac G5 and used the built in microphone port, next to the speaker port on the back, to record audio in GarageBand. All you should have to do is change the input settings in System Preferences. But, like I said, find out the return policy before you get any microphone.

Let me know if you find one that works! =)
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Just plug in an iMic...they work good...use any standard headset/mic with it and you won't be disappointed. It's versatile and will allow you to use the standard mic on any machine.
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