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Default Announce User (phonically)

I know Vent has this ability but I cannot seem to get it to say "TOM HAS JOINED CHANNEL" when Tom joins the channel. I know there are settings in the user manager but I have no users there. Its a public server and no accounts are created.

Is there a way to set this up on a global basis?
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all TTS events are handled by your local OS TTS engine. make sure you have the vent event set correctly

goto setup > events tab > change 'users switch channels" to text-to-speech. clik the play button to test

the tts engine will attempt to pronounce the user name correctly. if it doesn't then the other user needs to set the proper phonetic in their client setup. goto 'user name' and enter the pronunciation in the phonetic box.
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Thank you for the step guide. Will be helpful to me as well.
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