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Default Duplicate Ventrilos, AppleScript, and Preferences

So, I decided to make a silly little project that involves using two copies of Ventrilo running simultaneously and Applescript.

I needed a way to differentiate between the two Vent copies, so on one of the copies I have renamed the .app bundle, the actual Unix executable inside the MacOS folder, and the CFBundleExecutable and CFBundleIdentifier strings in the Info.plist file. AppleScript still can't seem to figure out which is which... which seems kind of odd to me. I've been told that applescript works off the CFBundleIdentifier address, is there somewhere else I have to change it other than the Info.plist file?

Also, even though I changed the CFBundleIdentifier, both apps still save preferences to the same directory ~/Library/Preferences/Ventrilo. From what I've read, most os x apps are supposed to save prefs in a file something like com.ventrilo.Ventrilo.plist? I was hoping that it would work like that, because I need both Vent copies to save seperate preferences for each other.

So, yeah, I'm stumped

Is there any better way to run two seperate copies of Ventrilo on OSX at the same time? I need them to have seperate application process names, keep in mind, to differentiate between them with applescript. And, apparently, I also need them to have different CFBundleIndentifier (com.blah.whatever) addresses.

Flag, help!

EDIT: Just remembered to ask.... Does Vent run in stereo or mono? I've been broadcasting music through it and sometimes it sounds like I'm not getting stuff that's panned out wide left or right... or maybe it's some weird phase cancellation issue... who knows

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