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Default Ventrilo out bound INSANE Lag, expert please help!!

Recently i have just installed Windows Vista, in the first few days after i installed the system ventrilo works fine, however recently i have experience an issue,

when i try to talk over the ventrilo the ping jumps from 22 -> 5000+ and it is very choppy has huge delays, however if i stop talking, my ping goes down i can hear people PERFECTlY, my internet connection was the first thing that come into my mind, however if the ISP has problems then i would be having problem with listening from other people right? then i thought it might be Vista's problem. but i am not sure.
I have just runed a upload speed test and this is the result i got

You uploaded 104 KB bytes in 64.6 seconds.
kbps: 13.2
KB/s: 1.65
im not IT expert, so i wont have a clue if this number will tells me if its really my ISP problem, for expert please help me. I really need it... thank you very much

and i also use programs like lowerping, but i doubt that would be the issue. because even before i log on lowerping this problem would happen to me already thanks for your time
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run this speed test:

your upload looks a little slow

also try:

in vent setup/misc - set 'process priority=high'
rt-clik vent icon - set to 'run as administrator'
try turning off QoS in the lan card properties (i always disable this on all computers)

are you using wireless?
are you running vista 32 or 64 ?
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