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Default Hiding channels

I am having a problem. I host a large ventrilo server in games with multiple nations, and now I realize that if people from one side want to see who is active, they only need to sign into my ventrilo, and look through the channels. I am in a desperate need for being able to hide channels from those without the channel password, as this presents a considerable problem.

I cannot password the server either, as the server pass would just get leaked, placing us back at the above problem.
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Well, I think I can help here.

Ive had the ongoing issue for Ventrilo Security for a long time here. I also have a 100 Man Ventrilo with gamers from all over the world. There are a lot of detailed techniques that I use to virtually eliminate any trouble makers. Due to security, I probably wont elaborate here. However, you are welcome to contact me on X-Fire at titansniper

My Ventrilo is the largest Ventrilo in the world based on activity per week with hundreds gaming in our public lobbies and private daily.

Vent Info is port 3785 If you see me online in Vent I'll talk to you personally myself.

Titan out.
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Is there a command to use to make a channel private?
We play LotRO and we have Monster PvP - we wish to hide that Channel from others to see who all is in MPvP mode.

I have looked and cannot find a make Channel Private / Public .. only to add a password, which we have done.

Thank you and if not implemented yet - I would like to add to the suggestion box for next update /winks
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