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Default Volume control

Is there a way to control inbound volumes on a mac? i know on a windows you go to special effects, but i cannot seem to find that. Having issues with some people being loud and others being quiet.
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Not yet. Its planned though.
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Default mac volume, yet again

This thread is the first I have seen of this issue, I wasn't looking very hard, but if you look at the date of this post, you will notice that this issue has been around since september 2006.

One would assume that if this is a pay software (by any means) that one would be able to have such a BASIC and INTEGRAL feature in all of the supported clients.

But it makes my heart happy to see that in this thread some one at least admits that it may be handled soon.

It would be nice to know when though, I dont know if I am going to be into WoW in a few weeks and if I stop playing WoW I will surely stop using this program.
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