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It's 9am and have been connected to a vent server on all 5 macs since yesterday at 2:00.

9.6M Real Mem
28.3 Virtual Mem

Roughly the same memory footprint on all 5 Macs.

This would tend to indicate something else is running in the background on your Mac - perhaps another audio application?

Out of curiosity, what happens if you unplug your USB headset (and all USB devices), restart, then start up Vent and connect to a server?
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Very odd.

1. I've tested in a new user with nothing running in the background, same issue.
2. I've done a complete OS reinstall, continues to happen.
3. I'm using the builtin mic on my MacBook Pro, no USB accessories attached.

No idea what to do from here if it isn't able to recreate on your machines. I'll look to make sure I'm not running anything in the background that I missed before.

Is there a console dump or anything I can do to get more info for you ?

Any idea why its using so much more virtual memory on my machine than on the ones you tested on? It's a significant difference.

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Ok so I might have found the problem!!!

I had a program called Hear installed which enhances audio *output*. I use it when watching movies on my laptop to make the voices louder so I can hear whats going on without all the explosions deafening me, otherwise I have it turned OFF (there's an on/off button in the Hear program). However, it appears to run a daemon in the background on startup (I'm guessing system wide), so even if you turn it OFF in the app, the daemon still chugs away. I'm assuming that I installed it prior to testing vent the last time I did an archive and install (doh).

After uninstalling Hear (via the File Menu --> Uninstall ... from within the Hear program), Vent is holding steady at 9.7 MB real memory, 950 MB virtual memory. I'll keep an eye on it next time I run a raid on WoW when its under a heavier load to see if it acts up again.

Question tho, why is my virtual memory, 950 MB, so high compared to your test machines?

EDIT: Ran Vent for 30 min or so, no memory increase (whereas there was before within minutes), I think we found the culprit.
EDIT2: Ran Vent for 3 hours during heavier use (25+ people on), memory went no more than 11.6 MB and was stable the entire time. Definitely found the problem.

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Strange I am Having the same exact problem and I also found the same Hear program and dissabled it hoping that was the problem but every time I PTT my vents real memory jumps up higher and higher until it crashes.
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Default Another confirmation that Hear causes leak

Another confirmation that Hear (by Joesoft) causes the memory leak. It's not sufficient to turn it off or to force quit the Hear daemon - it the app has to be uninstalled (it has a menu option to do this) and I then had to restart my Mac. After that Vent worked fine. But now I got no fancy control over my music (


Ps This is probably a Hear bug, but I am hoping it can be worked around at the Vent end
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